Giving Someone Permission to your Facebook Page

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Need to pass on your page to someone else? Need to add someone else to help with Facebook? It's very easy to give someone permission to edit your Facebook page, or transfer to someone else if you're leaving. Simply go to "Settings" and "Page Roles" (on the left) when you are on the page (this is easier to do from a computer, not a phone, the menus are in a different spot and harder to find).         What will come up next is a page that looks like this: In this area, paste the person's Facebook account name and when they show up in the dropdown, click it. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, YOU MUST CLICK THE NAME IN THE DROPDOWN. The account name is the name after the facebook URL in someone's profile. For instance, mine is at (samanthadotnet) Next, select the role level from the list of choices. If you are adding a user who will help you, then select Editor.  If you are adding me, please give me "Admin".  You will have to enter your Facebook password again to complete the action. Now the other person can remove you (if they are taking over the page). If you are still having problems, please contact me at

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