How to Create a Twitter App

1. Sign in with your Twitter Account #

Make sure you’re logged in with the Twitter account that you’re creating the app for.

2. Visit the Twitter Dev Site #

Navigate to



3. Create a New Application #

If you are new to the Developers site you won’t see any applications registered. Either way, it’s time to create our first application. To do this, click on the big “Create a new application” button.



4. Fill in your Application Details #

It’s been easy so far, but this screen often makes people confused. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think…

  • Name:
    First of all you need to give your app a unique name (one that no one else has used for their Twitter app). Since we’re going to be an creating app for personal use and not one that other people can register and use, just use your school name with “App” at the end.
  • Description:
    This can be anything.
  • Website:
    Put your school website link in the website field.
  • Callback URL:
    You can ignore the Callback URL field.

Once you’ve done this, check the “Yes, I agree” box, fill in the CAPTCHA and click the “create your Twitter Application” button.



5. Create Your Access Token #

The access token will allow your application to read Twitter information. You’ll be able to get data of your tweets, mentions, lists and more.


6. Choose the Access Type You Need #

The default access type when you create a Twitter app is read only, but for your website to be able to interact with Twitter and do automatic postings, you’ll need to change the access level. In order to do that, you’ll need to click on the settings tab at the top of the screen, scroll down to where it says “Application Type”, and change the access type to “Read, Write, and Access direct messages.”



#8 Make a note of your OAuth Settings #

Once you’ve done this, make a note of your OAuth settings. You will need these long strings of characters for your Twitter app.

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • OAuth Access Token
  • OAuth Access Token Secret

It goes without saying that you should keep these secret. If anyone was to get these keys, they could effectively access your Twitter account.