Setting Your Facebook Page Name / Username

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Setting a custom page name and URL is extremely important on Facebook, and makes your page look much more professional. Your page name and url are shown below….this is what they should look like (much cleaner!) and the second image shows what they look like by default (not what you want!):


Setting this up is very easy! Simply click area circled in the picture above (“Create Page @Username”) and put in the name of your school (see the screenshot below). No spaces or special characters are allowed. PLEASE USE THE FULL NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL. In this circumstance, it does not matter how long it is, and using your full name is preferable, since this is how people will search for you on Facebook.

Please do not try to be clever here. Using a mysterious name to “hide” your page from everyone but the people you want is not a strategy. And you are only allowed to change your page ID ONCE. That’s it. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO BE CLEVER HERE. Do not use the mascot name, abbreviations, or any other clever trickery. You need to spell out the name of the school or nobody will find your page.

Please do not shorten your name, abbreviate your name, or include St. Lucie in your name (unless your name has St. Lucie in it :P). If you have trouble using your name and Facebook says you can’t use that name, try with or without the “School”, IE: If BayshoreElementary does not work, try BayshoreElementarySchool. Or the reverse. The ONLY acceptable revision should be with our without “School”. If you continue to have issues trying to pick a name that Facebook allows, PLEASE CONTACT ME and I will assist you with choosing a name.


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