Using Hashtags

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By cleverly targeting certain hashtags you’ll be more likely to start conversations, increase your engagement and ultimately get more followers.

Hashtag basics:

  • a single word or short phrase with no spaces
  • don’t start with or only use numbers
  • no special characters like !^*
  • underscores technically are ok, but don’t work well conversationally
  • use uppercase letters to break up the words #TwitterTips
  • use 1 or 2 per tweet, maybe 3 if necessary #but #not #every #word

Joining in on trends:

  • be cautious of chiming in on sensitive topics
  • research why the hashtag is trending before using it
  • add something unique to the conversation
  • be genuine with your message

What’s next:

Remember to have fun with it and keep an eye on your Twitter analytics to see what works best for you.


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